About Us

About Us

JobPal is a leading employment platform that facilitates connections between employers and cost-effective professionals. In the modern, highly interconnected landscape, any organization can easily find specialists, whether for on-site positions or remote work, and whether they're looking to make direct hires or engage freelancers.

Our overarching mission encompasses two key objectives:

  1. Assisting businesses in pinpointing the perfect talent that matches their specific requirements.

  2. Providing talented individuals with access to rewarding job opportunities.

For assistance with our platform, please don't hesitate to reach out through our Contact Us section or consult our FAQ.

How It Works?

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Candidates, start by creating an account on our awesome platform

Employers, start by creating an account on our awesome platform

Step 2
Submit Resume / Vacancy

Candidate, fill out our forms and submit your resume right away

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Start Working

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expanding your business to new locations shouldn't mean setting up local entities or disrupting essential services. We offer Comprehensive Services, empowering you to seamlessly manage all operations at remote sites without the need for local entities.

We offer comprehensive Payroll Services, including reporting to local authorities, handling relevant forms, issuing monthly paychecks, managing net salary transfers to employee bank accounts, processing all necessary payments to local authorities, and calculating social and personal salary benefits. We can also assist with implementing and maintaining Employer/Employee insurance plans based on your company's preferences.

We offer additional salary administration services, covering attendance, leave, overtime policies, local Salary Tax issues, and termination evaluations per employee. Our local expertise allows us to offer salary consulting, helping companies optimize budgets and boost productivity by retaining dedicated, long-term employees.

Our team boasts over 15 years of experience in effectively managing outsourcing services for clients in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. We act as external partners, specializing in providing Software, IT, R&D, and Automation services that have traditionally been handled in-house by our clients' employees. Collaborating with us typically results in cost savings, access to top-tier talent, expert team leadership for quality management, and workspace solutions.